Big Brother

Big Brother Blah Blah Blah

Cut. yeah You know why!

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Ok. I am changing my layout to BOXER. Its pink and cute. I can not find the right header and stuff I want. Ugh. I hate being so picky about layouts but I really am. I am making all new icons and pixeling like crazy right now. I changed back to component but should have the cute thing and all my credits up and done with in about a week. Ha. Hopefully sooner if I can make the time.

Going to bed with muah baby *kisses* Hes so cute when he is sleepin'

-----> Get Out <------

I still miss Sarah and James. I really want them to have their own reality show. Whooo cares if they only met two months ago. Ha ha. If they make it then that would be so cute. I think James will get tired of her though. I can dream! Ha Ha. The Sarah And James Hour. Chessy stuff man.

BB6 Update Coming Soon

Hey guys. I am going to write my update soon. I promise. Not like many care. Ahahha. I am having a bad day or whateva and do not feel like writing. Last night while laying in bed with Matthew I had another damnnn seizure. I hate those things! I am okay and stuff I just need some time to recover. Maybe 4-6 hours. I am going to lie down and then get up and help my Aunt and then maybe do some updating.

*pout pout pout* I do this a lot when my disease creeps up on me. Gawd. I have so much paperwork to finish. Must get in gearrrr.
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Big Brother - Tuesday August 23Rd (James Won POV AGAIN)

Yeah. Okay Its Big Brother Time. I am of courseee gonna cut it. Especially for those crazy kids who hate Big Brother...okay ? And yeah this is super late. It is already Wednesday. I know I know. Things are going crazy right now. Plust I have dual tunver TIVO. He is my newest friend gadget. Lmao. On with the show. Ha ha.

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Kathy Griffin. My Life On The D List.

I cut incase you hate Kathy Griffin. Cause then you arent forced to read and I am not forced to hear you complain. Ha ha. Kidding lovers <3!

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Ok. Enough. Bye For Now.

BTW I miss Sarah & James - ohh. shut up. who cares if you dont. I DO. ha ha.